Friday, April 30, 2010

Can you describe Troy in 140 characters or less?

How do you feel about Troy? Are you a lifelong Trojan beaming with pride? Or have you had enough of the Collar City?

The Record wants to know.

Tell The Record what you think of Troy in 140 characters or less (including spaces) and we’ll share your feelings with the world.

Send a direct message on Twitter to @TroyRecord and we’ll send them out to all our followers as they come in. Additionally, you can send an e-mail to with the subject "TroyNYis".

We plan to expand the project over time by adding video interviews, photographs, comments from area officials and business leaders, and more.

We will even print a number of responses in The Record and post them to our website in the near future.

However, we ask that you be honest and courteous with your responses. Personal attacks, as well as the use of vulgarities or profanities, will not be allowed.

Questions? E-mail The Record's digital specialist, Tom Caprood, at

Follow along with us - @TroyRecord on Twitter with the hashtag #TroyNYis

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