Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Oneida Daily Dispatch honors vets, wins 1st in parade competition

The Oneida Daily Dispatch won first place in the "adult float" category at the 2010 Oneida Memorial Day Parade.

The parade theme was "Honoring our Veterans - Past, Present and Future". The Dispatch float used symbols that interpreted all three themes:
- PAST: At the head of the float (right) is a table set for one. A common symbol at American Legions, it represents service members - POWs and MIAs - whose return we await.
- PRESENT: The yellow ribbon represents the support we give to all service men and women as they serve our country, and our hope for their safe return home.
- FUTURE: Silhouette of service member as he takes his oath at enlistment represents all men and women who will voluntarily commit inthe future to serve in the armed forces.

Kudos and thanks go to:
- Marc Alvord and Karen Alvord for decorating the float, and Marc for the concept.
- Gordie Fox and Brian Pratt for cutting and painting the symbols on the float.
- Dennis Alvord for donating the wood for the symbols.
- Francis Relyea for donating his truck (and time driving), pulling the trailer.
- White's Farm Supply for supplying the trailer.

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