Saturday, February 27, 2010

You've seen the TV show 'Undercover Boss'? Forgetta bout it: This boss operates in the open field

I started a column in The Record last July - and earlier this week added to the effort by beginning to blog - largely to begin a conversation with the community about the transformation going on at The Record.

Tonight the CEO of the parent company of The Record, Journal Register Co., John Paton, one-upped me by launching a blog to chronicle his effort to transform our entire company.

According to John, his blog will "be my account of how we, the employees of Journal Register Company, make the neccessary changes to ensure our Company’s future. By sharing publicly our actions I hope we can spark true debate in our Company on what we are doing right and wrong and extend that debate to include the public and the newspaper industry at large."

It is a grand experiment - both the process itself and the writing about it. Happy reading: John's blog

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