Friday, February 26, 2010

Social networking & The Record

We launched a Facebook page for The Record this week; once we have a 100 "fans" we can create a simple URL for it ie. ... but until then the best way to find it is to search Facebook for "The Record"; it should come up on the first page of results. As an incentive to sign up as a "fan" we'll give a $25 gift certificate to one fan at random is we can get 100 users in the next 15 days; see our Facebook site for details.

If you tweet (or don't tweet but follow them), we have four Twitter accounts with news alerts:

- The first is primarily news alerts; see

- The second is primarily sports alerts; see

- The third focuses on Latham-area news; see

- Lastly, I tweet about things going on at The Record and in media, with the occasional alert on something of broader interest; see

We also have 13 blogs at and are looking for more "citizen journalists" to join us. More on this in my next column in The Record, which will also be posted here.

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