Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Congrats to Oneida's Marcia Warham!

When I started my career at the Oneida Daily Dispatch in 1981, Marcia Warham was already one of the most - if not the most - veteran employees in the newsroom with nearly a decade logged in here. A number of reporters, edtiors and publishers have come-and-gone since (including me with a 28-year gap in my time here) but Marcia is still working along side us. She manages our calendars and obits, and is responsible for many of our news briefs.

Today is Marcia's 38th anniversary at the Dispatch. Congrats and thanks Marcia for all your years of hard work and dedication!


  1. I want to add my congratulations to Marcia too!!!

    I have know Marcia for many, many years through my advertising in the newspaper when I was working and most recently with her involvement
    supporting individuals with disabilities at her church.

    She is gifted with the ability to relate to people in a very positive and caring way and her "smile" and easy manner is always present.

    When I think of the "Dispatch", I think of Marcia, and to me, that is always a plesant memory. Again, Congratulations on your 38th anniversary, may you have many more.

    Lou Best

  2. In my 25 years with the paper, Marcia has always been our shining ray of sunshine in the newsroom -- I can't imagine what the workplace would be like without her. You can't have a bad day with Marcia nearby. Her cheer of "Yay, yay, yay!" shows her trademark infectious enthusiasm that permeates the office every single day. If she's ever had a time when she was down it didn't show, and she picks everyone else up by her example. I love that woman!

  3. Happy Birthday Marsha! As a pillar in our community you have worked hard. You let nothing stand in your way. You made it happen. You're an inspiration. Congratulations!

  4. Congrats Marsha. I wrote for the Dispatch for a short time and still remember how friendly you were to me on a daily basis. You are truly a very special person.
    Robert H. Beer